24.09.20 Message received: “I love you Sweetheart, good night”

I read this in the gym while leaning,
moments after I couldn’t stop beaming.

The messages you send every day,
continues to take my breath more away.

I am so so lucky I have you,
I still pinch myself if this is really true.

I hope I will not take you for granted,
or get used to being so enchanted.

I love you too Sweetheart,
may we never drift apart.

Sleep well,
Let your mind dwell,
I am so in love I want to yell!

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A creative writer of sorts with a passion for hospitality. I believe that every subject can be written, articulated, and expressed in the form of letters. A thought, a thing, an emotion and beauty are just some subjects to name a few. When a thought is keyed, the keys begin to dance, the dance crescendoes, unveiling the beholder of the thought.

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