The bedroom battle

Just some Haiku poem writing practice. From what I have read, Haiku’s are meant to be objective. But since I’m a rebel, I decided to combine my original thought of objective things “in the bedroom” and battles. How and what the? While I was about to finish the 3rd Haiku (Windows), something about light invading windows made me decide to convert it into a battle. 

I mean, aren’t we all battling being inside right now?

– AVINA writes


Finite as it shuts

Limitless as it opens

The gate of two worlds


Perched in position

For the quivers to hang still

Holding day and night


Naked on both sides

Light and darkness infiltrates

A Pyrrhic once more

The Art of Love

This poem was written for a close friend’s wedding in which I decided to adapt from the famous book, The Art of War. This book was written by Sun Tzu who was an ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher.

– AVINA writes

Love is,
An emotion too vast to articulate.
It is a realm,
Of giving and receiving.
A journey,
In which love finds you.
A choice,
So wondrous to behold.

There are 5 fundamentals
for the union of D and J.
For the making of sensibility,
and the assessing of compatibility.

His way
Her dictatorship

His way
Drives her nuts
She does not say
And he is oblivious
But they both know
And never give up

Her dictatorship
She’s a Truong,
Winter is coming,
When snow meets volcano,
Ready he must be
For the cycle of seasons.

High school sweethearts
So cliche
Years of growing
Years of perserverance
To be continued

He thinks he’s hilarious
She is sullen
But when winter has gone
Her polka face melts
Hysterics fill the halls

Both receive
Because both exhibit
In all relationships
marriage or not
This is unbreakable

Context notes: 
D and J are the first initials of the bride and groom. 
"Truong" is the surname of the bride. 

My First Post (Not really a blog)

When a thought is keyed,
the keys begin to dance,
the dance crescendoes,
unveiling the beholder of the thought.

“I believe that every subject can be written, articulated, and expressed in the form of letters.

A thought, a thing, an emotion and beauty are just some subjects to name a few.”

— AVINA writes

This is the first post on my new blog outlet to showcase some of my writing pieces. I’m just getting this new outlet going to share what I do in hope that readers will connect through the conversation of letters.

Whether it’s writing for concept presentations, a personalised poem for a wedding or re-creating a biographical fiction, I am open for collaboration. Will update further details soon.