Classics with a local twist

Ca Phe Phin Martini
Vodka, Vietnamese coffee, vanilla syrup
Circa 1960, Ca Phe Phin became popular in Vietnam where coffee
is not just a favourite drink, but a way of life. Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee
producing country in the world following Brazil and along with this global impact,
the Ca Phe Phin Martini pays tribute to the worldly classic Espresso Martini.

Sim Royale
Sim liqueur, sparkling wine, calamansi juice
Sim fruit thrives in tropical climates such as Phu Quoc.
It is here that Mr. Bay Gao spent a decade to explore the fruit’s potential
to create the island’s famous Sim liqueur. To celebrate this local specialty,
our Sim Royale highlights the sweetness of Sim fruit offering a
Vietnamese innovation to the original cocktail.

Phu Quoc Bloody Mary
Vodka, Cointreau, tomato juice, Phu Quoc pepper sauce,
fresh lemongrass, lime juice
Phu Quoc pepper is known as the most flavourful and aromatic pepper in
Vietnam. Combined with the island’s renowned fish sauce,
this concoction highlights some of our finest local ingredients.

Chanh Muoi Margarita
Tequila, Cointreau, salty lime syrup, basil leaf, lime juice
Chanh Muoi (translated as salted lemon) has been used in herbal medicines
to help digestion as well as some other ailments.
The combination of chanh muoi and Tequila, a balance of sweet, salty,
sour and bitter will bring you a sensory experience.

Sunset Sling
Gin, Son Tinh Man Do liqueur, dry orange liqueur, bitters, rose syrup, pineapple juice
Sunsets in Phu Quoc are honoured by this take on the classic Singapore Sling.
Son Tinh Man Do liqueur showcases the exotic plums in the North
and in turn symbolises the unique Phu Quoc skies at dusk.

Dusk ‘N’ Stormy
Rum, fresh ginger, mint leaf, lime juice, soda
Ginger is well known as a popular spice in Vietnamese cuisine.
With its spicy and herbal aroma, it brings a cloudy twist transforming
the classic Dark ‘n’ Stormy into Dusk ‘n’ Stormy,
dusk being a celebrated occasion on Pearl Island.

Calamansi Mojito
Rum, apricot brandy liqueur, calamansi juice, brown sugar, mint leaves
Calamansi is a tropical fruit found in many parts of Asia and is abundant in Vietnam.
It has been popularly used in cooking and drinking. As a citrus fruit, calamansi juice
offers a crispy taste that is not acidic, and this special Mojito
will bring a burst of refreshment to the palate.

Pearl Island Iced Tea
Gin, Rum, Tequila, Son Tinh Man Do liqueur
Son Tinh Tao Meo, lime juice, vanilla syrup, soda
Sơn Tinh is Vietnam’s first internationally recognised and awarded liqueur,
as an original Vietnamese spirit category called “Rượu”. The combination of
traditional spirits and Son Tinh is what re-creates the classic to the Pearl Island Iced Tea, bringing a new powerful drink with a Vietnamese touch.

This cocktail concept and story content is 100% original.

The composition of ingredients of each cocktail were made by N.M.K

– AVINA writes

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A creative writer of sorts with a passion for hospitality. I believe that every subject can be written, articulated, and expressed in the form of letters. A thought, a thing, an emotion and beauty are just some subjects to name a few. When a thought is keyed, the keys begin to dance, the dance crescendoes, unveiling the beholder of the thought.

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